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Rotac Hydraulic Tap-In Kit for Rotac Waste Tippers 



  • Meets ANSI Z245 specifications
  • Compatible with all styles/brands of ANSI Type B containers (2-bar style) with Upper and Lower attachment point spacing of 14.5” – 15.25”, with lift hook flat placed at 34” above ground (top truck mounting plate at 38” above ground)
  • Capable of lifting 400 lbs at 1,300 psi – highest load at the lowest pressure in the industry, providing fuel savings thru lower hydraulic pump pressure requirements
  • Actuator and structure capable of lifting over-loaded containers
  • 18-19” ground clearance
  • High dump angle (45°) for easy and complete emptying of container
  • Self-centering easy engagement/disengagement of container to lifter
  • Actuator and lifting mechanism designed for high cycles >800x/day


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Durable high visibility Powder Coat paint finish
  • All structural components are ½” thick HRS
  • All exposed hardware is high grade fasteners with a zinc plated finish
  • All fasteners have a locking feature to prevent coming loose
  • Face plate is ¼” thick Hot Rolled Steel (HRS) plate with smooth edges
  • Face plate assembly is a bolted construction for easy maintenance if necessary
  • Pivot joints have self-lubricating bronze bushings on hardened steel pins with additional easy access grease zerks for long life
  • Lifting hook is adjustable to accommodate variability in can construction by municipality
  • Truck mounting plate is a durable welded assembly made from ½” plate with two different mounting patterns available
  • Multiple mounting hole options
  • Only 10.5”depth off of mounting plate. 19” tall x 23” wide
  • Splined shaft for arm to actuator connection eliminates slip and ensures total torque transmission

Hydraulic Rotary Vane Actuator

  • Long-life actuator with Teflon seals and only 1 moving part with no metal to metal contact or gears to wear out
  • Actuator will produce up to 33,615 in-lb of torque at 3,000 psi and 22,420 in-lb of torque at 2,000 psi with a total range of motion of 181 degrees
  • ¾-16 UNF hydraulic hose connections
  • External and internal dust/dirt excluder seals
  • Ductile iron housing with a strong forged steel shaft with a 2-1/4” diameter and rotates on internally lubricated journal bearings
  • Built-in internal stop for consistent reliable rotation control
  • Actuator can be rebuilt with seal kits by owner or returned to factory for fast rebuild/repair service
  • Consistent torque through entire range of motion
  • Actuator will operate on any hydraulic fluid (excluding water)
Rotac Tipper Actuator
Rotac Tipper Actuator